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Python - Data Science Tools

A Comprehensive 3-Day Data Science Seminar with Python

Python - Data Science Tools

A Comprehensive 3-Day Data Science Seminar with Python

Seminar Overview

Dive deep into the world of data science in this comprehensive 3-day Python seminar. Gain hands-on experience with NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and essential statistical techniques, equipping you with the skills to uncover insights from data and make informed decisions

Seminar Content


  • Introduction to Data Science with Python
  • Exploring the Power of NumPy for Numerical Computing
  • Data Manipulation and Analysis with Pandas
  • Visualizing Data using Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Descriptive Statistics and Data Summarization Techniques
  • Understanding Basics of Linear Algebra for Data Science

Day 1: Introduction to Data Science with Python

  • Overview of data science concepts and its applications
  • Setting up your data science environment
  • Introduction to Jupyter notebooks for interactive coding

Day 2: Data Manipulation and Visualization

  • Exploring and analyzing data using NumPy arrays
  • Performing data wrangling and cleaning with Pandas
  • Creating informative visualizations using Matplotlib
  • Enhancing plots with Seaborn for advanced data visualization

Day 3: Descriptive Statistics and Linear Algebra Basics

  • Calculating central tendencies and measures of dispersion
  • Understanding correlation, covariance, and scatter plots
  • Introduction to vectors, matrices, and basic linear algebra concepts

Why Attend:

  • Gain practical skills in data manipulation, visualization, and analysis using Python
  • Learn essential statistical techniques for drawing meaningful insights from data
  • Enhance your understanding of linear algebra basics for data science applications

Target Audience and Prerequisites

  • Aspiring data scientists and analysts looking to kickstart their data science journey
  • Programmers interested in leveraging Python for data manipulation and analysis
  • Students and professionals seeking to enhance their skills in descriptive statistics and linear algebra

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