5 days fulltime

Python advanced

Mastering Python: Unleashing Advanced Programming Power

Python advanced

Mastering Python: Unleashing Advanced Programming Power

Seminar Overview

From advanced data manipulation to high-performance optimization, this course is your gateway to becoming a Python virtuoso. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of your coding journey! ­čÉŹ­čĺí

Seminar Content

Day 1: Advanced Python Fundamentals

  • Understanding Generators and Iterators
  • Decorators and Context Managers
  • Metaclasses and Class Customization

Day 2: Data Manipulation and Analysis

  • Pandas DataFrames: Advanced Operations
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Time Series Analysis

Day 3: Web Development with Flask

  • Advanced Routing and URL Handling
  • Creating Custom Decorators
  • Using Flask Blueprints for Modularity

Day 4: Object-Oriented Design Patterns

  • Singleton, Factory, and Observer Patterns
  • Facade and Adapter Patterns
  • Applying Design Patterns in Python Projects

Day 5: Performance Optimization and Best Practices

  • Profiling and Benchmarking Python Code
  • Memory Management and Optimization
  • Code Review and Refactoring Techniques

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The Python Advanced Seminar caters to seasoned developers, engineers, and programmers seeking to elevate their skills. It's ideal for individuals with a strong Python foundation who aim to delve into intricate programming techniques, performance optimization, and advanced data manipulation. This seminar empowers participants to build high-performance applications, optimize code, and explore sophisticated Python capabilities for real-world projects.

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