5 days fulltime

Django Restframework and React

Mastering Modern Web Development with Django Rest Framework and React

Django Restframework and React

Mastering Modern Web Development with Django Rest Framework and React

Seminar Overview

Delve into my Django Rest Framework and React Seminar for a focused and technically-rich exploration of web development. Master the integration of robust backend functionalities with dynamic frontend interactivity, gaining the expertise to autonomously develop cutting-edge applications.

Seminar Content

Day 1: Introduction to Django

  • Setting up a Django project
  • Learn about the Model View Controller Pattern
  • Understand the Django ORM
  • Learn how to setup a professional environment
  • An introduction to Http and JSON

Day 2: The Django Restframework

  • Introduction to the Django Restframework
  • What is Rest?
  • Install and configure the Restframework within Django
  • Creating first API views
  • Serializers and Viewsets
  • How to setup a browsable api frontend
  • CRUD

Day 3: Advanced Concepts

  • Authentication and Permissions
  • Building a swagger ui
  • Whitelisting, Throtteling

Day4: Building Interactive Frontends with React

  • Getting started with React and component-based architecture
  • Managing state and props
  • Interacting with APIs using Axios
  • Creating API views for React frontend
  • Building dynamic user interfaces with React components
  • Implementing CRUD operations between Django and React

Day 5: Advanced Topics and Real-world Applications

  • Optimizing performance through pagination and caching
  • Securing your application with tokens and CORS
  • Deploying Django and React apps

Apply your newfound knowledge to create a complete web application, from designing APIs with Django Rest Framework to crafting an interactive user interface using React.

Whether you're looking to enhance your web development skills or embark on a new journey, this seminar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how Django Rest Framework and React work harmoniously to create exceptional web applications. Reserve your spot now!

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The Django Rest Framework and React Seminar is designed for developers seeking to master the integration of these powerful technologies. This seminar caters to both frontend and backend enthusiasts, enabling them to create modern, interactive web applications. Whether you're an aspiring full-stack developer or a seasoned tech professional, this seminar equips you with the skills to build dynamic, data-driven websites with a seamless user experience.

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